January 23rd, 2001


Ooey Gooey!

Just working on waiting. Decks are occupied, and I need them. Until then, I've got music...

(No rhythm, really tho...)
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    The Levellers - "The Boatman"

(no subject)

Yay, now I am doing Closed-Captioned dubs, the decks finally being available.

I have decided to forswear political discussions for the time being. Does that mean I'm apathetic?

Lunch is the leftovers from last night: Pasta with Spicy Cauliflower. I must say, while the first item we tried from that Moosewood Cookbook was a hit, this item is a definite miss. We wrote on this page "Needs Work." It would fit in well under the category "Minnesota Bland," if it were from here...

JohnBoze: Voice of Reassurance

A cow orker was just lamenting about hoping she didn't drop her cell phone on the way in, and instead left it on her car seat.

And I said "...as long as nobody broke into your truck and stole it..."

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    TMBG - "S-E-X-X-Y"

Hockey Night

My Dad and I are going to see the Gophers play against the Brown Bears tonight. Ought to be plenty fun.

I need my ooey gooey fix before I leave tho, wonder if I can find one back in the kitchen...