January 15th, 2001



So Sunday, against my better judgement, I watched the game over at O'Tooles with some friends. Well actually I only stayed until halftime, then the writing was clear enough on the wall for us, so we went shopping for wallpaper to cover it up...

I really wish I was old enough to remember losing the Super Bowl 4 times, then all this playoff stuff I can remember wouldn't be so bad. Actually if they had scored a single touchdown, then it would have been the same as all the other playoff losses I've watched oh these many years...

I Need a Breakfast Goodie...

Someone fax me a cruller willya???

This is going to be a weird day, I can just feel it. Maybe I need to take advantage of the mood and write a story on "Love, Sex, & Relationships" for Crooked Finger...

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Okay, so along with all the lovely dubbing, I have now submitted a new story to miss Boo for the next edition of her zine. It makes me happy to help out with such endeavors.

Plus, it makes me happy that I scored the last of the puppydog tails...


I'm lacking good motivation, but still doing work (labels...). At least I've got music...
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    Freedy Johnston - "In the New Sunshine"

Here's me, in a nutshell, according to the quiz...

You have a great deal of warmth, but may not show it until you know a person well. You keep your warm side inside, like a fur-lined coat. When you are care, you care deeply, but are more likely to show your feeling by deeds rather than words. You are very faithful to duties and obligations related to things or people you care about.
You take a very personal approach to life, judging everything by your inner ideals and personal values. You stick to your values with passionate conviction, but can be influenced by someone you care deeply about. Although your inner loyalties and ideals govern your lives, you find these hard to talk about. Your deepest feelings are seldom expressed; your inner tenderness is masked by quiet reserve.

In everyday activities you are tolerant, open-mind, flexible, and adaptable. If one of your inner loyalties is threatened, though, you will not give and inch. You usually enjoy the present moment, and do not like to spoil it by rushing to get thing done. You have little wish to impress or dominate. The people you prize the most are those who take the time to understand your values and the goals you are working toward.

You are interested mainly in the realities brought to you by your senses, both inner and outer. You are apt to enjoy fields where taste, discrimination, and a sense of beauty and proportion are important. You have a special love of nature and a sympathy with animals. You often excel in craftsmanship and the work of your hands is usually more eloquent than words.

You are twice as good when working at a job that you believe in, since your feeling adds energy to your efforts. You see the needs of the moment and try to meet them. You want your work to contribute to something that matters to you-- human understanding, happiness, or health. You want to have a purpose beyond your paycheck, no matter how big the check. You are perfectionists whenever you deeply care about something, and are particularly suited for work that requires both devotion and a large measure of adaptability.

The problem for you is that you may feel such a contrast between your inner ideals and your actual accomplishments that you may burden yourself with a sense of inadequacy. This can be true even when you are being as effective as others. You take for granted anything you do well and are the most modest of all the types, tending to underrate and understate yourself.

It is important for you to find practical ways to express your ideals; otherwise you will keep dreaming of the impossible and accomplish very little. If you find no actions to express your ideal, you can become too sensitive and vulnerable, with dwindling confidence in life and in yourself. Actually, you have much to give and need only to find the spot where you are needed.

And the jobs...

clerical worker
computer operator
dental and medical assistant
dietician or nutritionist
factory worker
food service worker
marine biologist
occupational therapist
physical therapist
police officer
recreation leader
veterinarian or assistant

Oh, and the hidden talent...

I am "The Artist" which you can read about in
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I am "The Artist" which you can read about in <a href="http://jennylee.livejournal.com"target"_new">JL's LJ</a>.