January 11th, 2001


BASE jumping in downtown Minneapolis...

Couple of guys went for their "S" off the new Target Corporation building. It's about 35 stories, and not yet completed. Apparently one made it safely onto the street below (Nicollet Mall), while the other hit a ledge on a nearby building, about ten stories up, and broke some bones, as he was not slowed enough by his chute for the premature landing. His buddy stuck around and called 911 instead of leaving the scene.

Any of you LJ daredevils ever consider something like that???
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So I am non-rumpled and freshly shorn this morning, a full reversal from yesterday, I must say.

The phone keeps ringing, even though the calls are being answered by the front desk. Suppose I should saunter up there and see that gets taken care of ere too long.

I've been putting off writing that movie review, but I'll get it done on time.