January 8th, 2001


Movie Weekend...

Darcy went ice fishing with co-workers this weekend, so I spent my time watching movies. See, the thing is, Darcy can't really watch more than about one movie in a row before some manner of boredom sets in. (Makes for a difficult time at the drive-in)

Anyway, I watched "O Brother, Where Art Thou," then went home, watched the "X-Men" movie, which I had rented last weekend and was overdue. Then I returned that and grabbed two more tapes for later. I wasn't all movie-d out yet, so I went back out to Mall of America Saturday evening, shopped some, and then saw "Castaway."

Sunday, I got up and watched "Titan A.E.," which I had rented, did some work around the house, then watched a compilation of independent shorts called "Smash Cuts," which had some fun work, mostly student productions.

I think the movie I liked best out of all five was "O Brother." I'd say more about how much I liked it, but I'm going to try today to write a review of it for RSB and try to get it to Cyn for inclusion this month.

Now that I have typed this entry, I shall fill it full of links...

$1.99 an F-ing Minute!?!

So we just got a new version of some popular software for video compression, and now that it is installed, we are getting all sorts of errors and crashes that never happened with the old version. I called our tech support guy, at the comany that sells us our gear, and he said he is totally unfamiliar with the new version, and suggested I call the manufacturer's tech support. When I went looking for that number I found out that it is a 1-900 number, with a charge of $1.99 a minute! Is this at all common in you experience? Those of you who have worked/work in tech support, are you a 1-900 number? I am accustomed to long distance numbers that aren't 1-800, but pay-per-minute tech support seems weird...