December 8th, 2000


Lay the Schmooze Down...

Yeah, I hung out and ate gourmet food while drinking microbrews and getting paid last night. It was pretty good, all-in-all, and I even accomplished some of what I was really there for, schmoozing.

Helped one client realize how we could take a much larger duplication contract if he were to offer one. Helped another from a major league sports franchise realize how well-equipped we were if he had any urgent broadcast work to do.

Um, and then I spent the rest of the night chatting with co-workers, drinking Summit Porter, and enjoying some live jazz and stuffed mushrooms. Ah, it felt like the 80's decadence I always imagined, if just for a few hours...

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Wow, from September 1 through November 30 I only posted here seven times.

Since the First of December, though, this is my fifteenth post. Its enough to make me consider the paid account...

I Had A Good Time...

...last night. But do you see ME drifting in at noon today. No Sir.

I swear, give someone a little wine...

Next time at least you could schedule your hangover ahead of time...

All is in jest, I hope you got rest...

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Dull afternoon... I'm smooshing video as usual, and I've been aiding in photo manipulation, and there are only a couple of other dubs running and Troy is doing those...

Took a music video off satellite feed earlier. It was bad. And I mean the awful kind of bad. I forget the band's name right now but the chorus keeps looping in my brain, however inane I think it is:

"Come my lady,
Come, come my lady,
You're my butterfly

Ugh, what is the cure for the modern pop song, and where can I find it. Anyone!? Please?!?


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Tonight Darcy and I are going to curl up and watch PBS together. There is a documentary on a famous glass-blower I've never heard of on, but the subject matter hardly matters. Its a nice cuddly inexpensive Friday night activity...

Anyone jealous?
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