Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup (johnboze) wrote,
Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup

LJ Dream - JennyLee please cut and paste into MentalFragments?

I was done with work, driving back to Waconia, but I was meeting with some guy out away from the hose, in the countryside. I think he was an employer or something, and I knew he had pissed off some people, one by the name of Baggey.

The guy was sitting in an adirondack chair, on a hill, just down from a cluster of trees. I heard a snap, and hit the dirt. I could feel the stiff grass prickling into my face. The guy was still sitting in his chair, facing the forest. He commented at my actions, to the effect that they were unnecessary.

"But Baggey..."
"Eh, Fatty Baggey..." he said derisively...
"He's probably out there," I said.

Then the strange part, suddenly theres a "cut" (I'm in the media business, so many of my dreams use the visual language of filmmaking) and I am sitting at a keyboard, typing about how I felt there, lying in the grass, talking to the guy (Ooooh, maybe I was seeing the future, me typing this entry right now...), then another cut and I am back on the hillside expecting the rifle rounds to start flying. I hear a voice in the woods, Baggey is definitely out there. It is really tense...

So I wake up.

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