Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup (johnboze) wrote,
Ten Wildebeests in a Teacup

The same quizzes as Oki...

Your type is the Bad Girl

No prim and proper goody two-shoes for you. You like your women a little bit jaded and experienced; in a word — bad. When you watch "Grease," you're the type who roots for Rizzo, not Sandy (at least, not until she puts on those spandex pants and grabs that cigarette). Your ideal girl has been there and done that, and she's not afraid of motorcycles. She stays out late, loves to party, and will never say no to a good time. Quite the risk-taker yourself, you want a woman who can equal your sense of adventure and spontaneity. She's tough on the outside, but she'll melt around the right guy. That suits you just fine — you don't want a girl who needs a lot of emotional maintenance. You're looking for a sharp-minded, rebellious gal who knows how to let loose. Grab the next Bad Girl you meet and let her bring out your wild side.

You are an Artiste

Creative. Sensitive. A bit offbeat. You're an Artiste, a uniquely creative guy who can express himself in many ways — whether it's through words, music, or attire. Individuality is your key to happiness, so everything you do is a reflection of your true "inner self." Women really dig your unconventional ways and remarkable talents. They just love how you challenge society's norms, and they fall head over heels for your confidence and distinctive style. Whether you're playing a song you wrote for her or writing a love letter, you know how to make a gal feel special. You're perceptive, thoughtful, and secure enough to see there's no need to assert your masculinity just to feel manly. If we were to paint a picture of your future, it would definitely be a masterpiece.

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